Taobao product recommendation – Stainless steel ice cubes

Want instant cool drinks but don’t want to dilute the drink with water? Then stainless steel ice cubes are for you. Just cool the cubes in the freezer as you would do with ice cubes, then drop them into your drink to chill it.

Cool your beer without diluting it

I tried cooling a full big bottle of beer and unfortunately the 8 cubes i have isn’t enough to cool it down to the 4 degrees that would be ideal for beer. Then again, maybe i did not stick them in the freezer long enough prior. It is still a good way to get instant chilling though.

The cubes are actually filled with some sort of liquid that has a lower melting point than ice, so it could be cooled down to sub-zero temperatures. The coolness (no pun intended) factor of the cubes is definitely there. If you want a cheapo alternative, you can actually find stone cubes sold at Daiso, for only S$2 of course.

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3 responses to “Taobao product recommendation – Stainless steel ice cubes”

  1. Jenny Loh Avatar
    Jenny Loh

    Interesting! Can i check with you whether you are still using 86OF for your purchases on Taobao? Am looking into getting a vanity with basin and some floor ceramic tiles for a 4 room HDB and thinking of having it sea-shipped. Do you think it will be more than 1cbm? Await your reply. Thanks Much!

    1. yenkai Avatar

      Hi Jenny, I recently used 86of for some Taobao purchases. Ceramic tiles have a different cost calculation as they are very dense. Not sure if they come up to 1 cbm but there is no cheaper way to ship anyway. The advantage of going with 86of is that you don’t have to hit 1 cbm like you do with other forwarders. Under 0.5 cbm, the shipping rate is prorated. Home delivery is only 50 Yuan (about $10). If you exceed 0.5 cbm you must pay for the full cbm, so, you should have some other wishlist items that you are ready to purchase and ship together.

      1. Jenny Loh Avatar
        Jenny Loh

        Ok. Thanks so much for your reply

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