Taobao product recommendation – suction pump

I think most people will be wondering what a suction pump can be used for. This one is actually meant to be used for vacuum packing blanket, comforter, bedsheet and the like, to reduce the space needed for storage. As such, it is quite a heavy duty pump, designed to draw a lot of air out in as few strokes as possible.

I bought it for a completely different purpose. The Ziploc vacuum kit which i have been using to vacuum seal my mason jars is showing signs of wear and might break down any moment, so i thought i should get a replacement, and i was wondering what i can find on Taobao to do the trick, and i stumbled on this. If you look at the double chamber on this pump – the combined volume is probably about the same as that of a pint sized mason jar, which means it draws out the air in a mason jar in just a single stroke to create a very strong vacuum! It works so well that i’m retiring the Ziploc vacuum pump already.

The only feasible way to store salad
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