Taobao product recommendation – Tamagoyaki pan

To make Tamagoyaki, you really need a special pan. You need a small pan so the eggs would be thick, and it has to be rectangular or square so you can make a roll out of it. I needed little convincing to buy one of these pans on Taobao.

If you’re lazy to do parcel forwarding, you could buy from Shopee and the like. However, the cheaper ones you find on these local marketplace platforms are the ones with coloured bottom (green/pink). I don’t like these, they look unprofessional. I rather go though a little bit of hassle and buy the stone coating, or the really made-for-Japan ones.

Well, i got this, for 27 Yuan (S$5.40) during the CNY promo period (unfortunately it’s back to 79 Yuan now). Even including the shipping cost, it is probably still a tad cheaper than the cheapest one you can buy from the local marketplace platforms. It features stone non-stick coating and a wooden looking handle which turned out to be silicone or something like that. The quality is very good.

My first attempt at making Tamagoyaki went well. I just looked at some photos to get an idea of how to do it, could probably do better next time. A thick slab of eggs simply looks tantalizing, nevermind if the ingredients actually cost very little.

Not too bad right? I happen to already have a wooden Tamagoyaki spatula, and it pairs with the pan nicely.
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