Taobao product recommendation – UHF wireless audio transceiver

I have previously tried Bluetooth as a means of transmitting audio wirelessly, and it was unreliable. Bluetooth 4 is just not good enough (i didn’t try the Bluetooth dongles that supported apt-x though and maybe those work). I have yet to try Bluetooth 5, but it is quite a bit more expensive. Instead, i decided to try UHF wireless transmission (these cost less than half that of the Bluetooth 5 implementation). UHF had been in use for a long time for on-stage wireless audio transmission (microphone, electric guitars and such).

I bought these for just 138 Yuan (S$28) per set that includes both and a transmitter and a receiver. They come with a rechargeable battery built-in. They worked out of the box. One piece transmits and the other receives. Even an idiot will know how to set them up. Audio quality was more than acceptable. There is degradation, and the sound is mono, but there is no loss of signal at all, and that’s what matters the most.

The receiver (right) plugged into the mixer

In time to come, i will probably still try Bluetooth 5, for lossless and stereo audio, but for now, i am very happy with these.

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