Taobao product recommendation – waist fan

I first came across the idea of wearable fan years ago when Kuchofuku invented the “air-conditioned” jacket (the article mentions the invention came about way back in 2004). Since then the idea was stuck in my mind. I need such a contraption as i tend to perspire a lot.

Although a very cool idea, i don’t think people from this part of the world would wear Kuchofuku’s jacket, not to mention it’s pretty expensive too. Does Taobao have a similar offering? Obviously the answer is yes, and it’s more practical – a fan that you clip on to your waist and it blows air right onto your back where most of the perspiration is happening. The initial design for such a device was bulky. Now the design is much improved and very compact.

There are quite a few sellers, and I chose this one (paid 57.9 Yuan with promo). Some of the products cost double of what i paid and i felt that was unnecessary, as i would be using it for a short duration every time.

Quite a compact device
The English found on the box and the instruction manual is actually decent
Charging via USB-C port and there’s a USB for power bank output

The device works as advertised. I’m not sure why people like to put a fan around their neck, it just does not help with perspiration much, but a fan blowing on your back, yep, solves the problem.

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