What to do when you lose your laptop

Cry. Buy a new one. That’s pretty much what i did and what i’m going to do. Like anyone else, it’s something you thought could never happen to you, but it just did to me, so don’t be complacent.

Here are two things i will do when i get a new laptop:

  1. Install anti-theft software
  2. Implement a regimental backup routine

Anti-theft software could be very effective in getting back your laptop. It might even be thrilling to be able to play detective. It will be your only chance of getting back the precious data you haven’t backed up.

Backing up couldn’t have been easier with Cloud Storage solutions, many of which are free (up to a certain storage limit). The user-friendly ones (SugarSync is what i’m trying out) allow you to designate folders that need to be backed up (your Desktop for example) and it will go about syncing up files to the server in the background as and when new files are placed in the folder, or when existing files are updated, which means you need not do any manual back up. For the majority of us who are lazy to do periodical dumping of files onto DVD/BD/Portable Harddisk/NAS, this works.

If you’re reading this and you haven’t taken these precautions, take my advice, do it right NOW!

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