Win, lose or draw

My car started showing hesitation when moving off recently. In lay man language, it felt jerky. Brought the car to a garage and the problem was traced to faulty ignition coils and spark plugs, as pictured above.

Here’s the thing: I bought the spark plugs from Amazon about 2 years back. These were aggressive spark plugs that were supposed to improve power, which they did for my car. Unfortunately, it was likely too aggressive and may have damaged the ignition coils. So here’s the perennial lesson: in decision making, consider that there is always the possibility of a trade-off for your choice. In my case, I had no idea a high-power spark plug may affect the reliability of the ignition coil, but I learnt today that you can’t always win all the time.

Anyway, I will continue to source for automotive parts from Amazon. This truly helps me save bundles, and it really isn’t that difficult, even for a car idiot like me. Automotive spare parts do cost an arm and a leg, especially when you look like a car idiot.

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