iHerb product recommendation – spices and foodstuff

If you’re ordering stuff on iHerb.com and have spare capacity for the shipment (up to 6.3kg), you might want to consider getting herbs and seasoning. There are plenty for you to choose from. Even if you don’t have anything in mind to get, you could try searching for the best rated or best selling herbs to see if […]

iHerb product recommendation – kids and babies products

Baby products are easily available in any departmental store, where they usually devote a large section to housing baby products (lucrative business), i know. So why buy online from iHerb.com? Well, for me it’s the convenience factor, plus the availability of brands that are not generally found here. iHerb.com carries supplements, snacks and toiletries for kids and […]

iHerb product recommendation – fish oil

Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA. This was the first product i bought on iHerb.com. It was while searching for fish oil for my then pregnant wife that I came across someone recommending to get this product, from iHerb.com. We opted for this instead of the one from the gynae as this seemed better quality. If my […]

Further cash rebate on top of credit card cash rebate

When you’re getting 5.5% – 7% of credit card cash rebate on online transactions, you’re probably folding your arms and telling yourself, “well done”. But wait, there’s more! You can get further cash rebate with Ebates for your online shopping. The merchants include popular online stores, hotel booking (virtually all the hotel chains are there) and car rental, […]

A guide to maximising cash rebates from credit cards

What makes you decide on using a credit card over another? it’s the benefits you get out of the card right? Don’t know about you, but the one thing I want from a credit card is cash rebate. Fanciful marketing does nothing to move me and i believe this is also true for most people. I’m sure […]

Cut out the middleman – reap savings from online shopping

We all know the way to buy cheap goods is to go to the source, or close to the source. The internet made this possible by enabling the manufacturer to sell directly to end customers. You can just about find anything online these days, to the point that fresh food is about the only thing i buy from a […]