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  • What to see between Washington DC and Niagara Falls

    What to see between Washington DC and Niagara Falls

    Both Washington DC and the Niagara Falls are usually must-sees for the East Coast of the US. The problem with going to both of these places is in choosing what to see en-route from DC to Niagara or vice versa, which is almost 8 hours apart by car. For my trip I have chosen to […]

  • Strategy for visiting attractions in Washington DC

    Strategy for visiting attractions in Washington DC

    The main attractions in DC are all clustered around the National Mall. Perhaps there are buses that allow you to hop on and off the attractions, I’m not sure, but otherwise, you’re in for an exhausting workout on foot. While we were there, the scorching sun made things infinitely worse. It takes more than 45 […]

  • New York City in 1.5 days

    New York City in 1.5 days

    There’s much to see in New York City, but it is still possible to cover all the major must-see sights in 1.5 days, including Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, 911 Memorial, Chinatown, The High Line, Times Square, New York Public Library, Grand Central Terminal, Empire State Building and Central Park. There are 3 ways to […]

  • Yellowstone and Grand Tetons

    Yellowstone and Grand Tetons

    Yellowstone National Park is one of the places that made it into my bucket list very early on. I had just a very vague impression of it being a place to watch a geyser spring into action, and it being a place of untold natural beauty. On this trip to the US, I resolutely made […]

  • Antelope Canyon

    Antelope Canyon

    For most people, a tour of the west coast starts with San Francisco and ends at the Grand Canyon or Las Vegas. There is, however, another attraction worth seeing, just a little over 2 hours away from the Grand Canyon – Antelope Canyon. The photos you take here will garner the most ‘likes’ on Facebook, […]

  • USA West Coast

    USA West Coast

    Probably all tours to the west coast of the USA will include San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Grand Canyon in the itinerary. The typical must-sees are found in these places and they are within reasonable reach of each other by car. My trip starts with San Francisco. The Golden Gate Bridge is the […]

  • Another mission impossible trip

    Another mission impossible trip

    Going on a trip on 20 May. This is the longest trip i will embark on yet, both in duration and distance. It probably looks impossibly crazy or even silly to some. Country count: 4 (which is little compared to the usual 9 or 10 countries i do for each Europe trip). Duration: 39 days […]