Taobao product recommendation – Cassette tape player

Years ago, i bought an Aiwa (if you’re a teen two decades ago you would have heard of it) branded cassette tape player so i could future proof myself, to be able to play some cassette tapes i had in my possession. Unfortunately, it broke down, and, like everyone who’s lazy to do backup, my […]

Taobao product recommendation – PC Power Supply Unit

Taobao is my go-to source for all PC components and peripherals, and why not, since everything is cheap and potentially very good quality. The PSU of my home theatre PC just broke down, and i managed to find a very good replacement. Related posts: Taobao product recommendation – LED light, the definitive guide Taobao product […]

Taobao product recommendation – Wireless Microphone, replaceable battery for receiver

I have previously gotten a set of wireless microphone. Having been mistaken that it is spoilt, which i later found out was not the case, i went ahead to buy another set. This time round, i chose one that came with replaceable lithium battery for the receiver unit, so that it will be future proof […]

How to use digital FastPass at Tokyo Disney Resort

Using a digital FastPass (i.e. get FastPass on your phone) is essential at Tokyo Disney Resort to reduce waiting time for the rides. Unfortunately, there is a lot of difficulty involved in achieving this for foreigners. I managed to do it with the help of these two guides, and i have more details to share […]

Taobao product recommendation – Reading light

You won’t believe how cheap a reading light can be on Taobao. I recently bought this one for 65.80 Yuan (S$12.80). During the upcoming Singles day sale, it would cost only 58.90 Yuan (S$11.50). Like many Chinese products, it goes by a lame brand name – “Staycation”, but thankfully the branding isn’t imprinted anywhere on […]

How to receive SMS overseas without roaming

Let me first explain why anyone would do without roaming, and why the need to receive SMS while overseas. Well, i signed up the Circles.Life flexi plan which has $0 monthly subscription. With this plan, which is completely free of charge, I get 1GB data, 30 minutes talk time and 10 SMSes, which, believe it […]

Taobao product recommendation – Redmi K20 Pro: the flagship-killer killer

OnePlus phones used to be the de-facto flagship-killer, with flagship level specs at a fraction of the cost of true flagship phones. However, Redmi just killed their flagship-killer with the release of the K20 Pro. It boasts flagship level specs at a price point that is lower than OnePlus’. The K20 Pro 6GB + 128GB […]

Taobao product recommendation – mobile phone stand holder

My mum requested for a mobile phone holder for watching videos. There are many products available on Taobao, but most of them either stand on a table, or has to be clipped onto a frame (e.g. bed frame), and these don’t work for her case. There is just one product that i found that is […]