Where to pump petrol before entering Singapore from North-South Highway

It is no secret that petrol prices in Malaysia is about one third that in Singapore. At present, the price of RON97 is RM 2.05 per litre, whereas it costs S$2.05 (before applying discount) per litre for RON95 in Singapore. Topping up your tank before returning to Singapore from Malaysia means huge savings, especially for cars with bigger tanks. Some […]

North-South Highway lunch stop – Pagoh

Pagoh is a very small town, with its commercial centre stretching over just 500m or so. When driving towards JB from KL, Pagoh is after Tangkak and before Yong Peng, making it a suitable candidate as a lunch stop, since it takes slightly over 2 hours to get to Pagoh. Being the very small town that it is, […]

North-South Highway lunch stop – Tangkak

For the longest time, Yong Peng has been the de-facto choice as the lunch stop en-route from KL to Singapore. The taste has become too familiar and a change is desperately needed. I looked up Google maps to see which towns are just off the highway. Tangkak turned out to be a good candidate. Tangkak is […]

Where to get breakfast in JB before hitting North-South Highway

This is written specifically for Singapore drivers heading up north to the North South Highway via the causeway. The focus is not so much on seeking out good food but on convenience – to have breakfast at locations near the entry points to the Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL) which is the most convenient way to […]

Best North-South Highway pit stop – Yong Peng

It almost seems unfair that the North-South highway is built right next to Yong Peng, and there is not just one but two entry points into or from the highway. This makes Yong Peng the no-brainer pit stop along the KL to Johor Bahru stretch of the highway, since you’re in Yong Peng town the moment […]